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A step forward.

The Tracker, designed with the thought of not only helping you find your valuable objects, but in you and your needs. 

Touch to Ring
Find your Phone
Separation Alert
Last Location
History Tracking
LutiKey Tracker
Create Groups
Medical ID
LutiKey Tracker

What makes us different?

All of us have valuable objects that we want to protect, but we believe that our own wellbeing and those of our loved ones, are even more important, and that’s why we made LutiKey.
A Tracker Device that finally places importance on what really matters.

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meet our device.

  • Design
  • Details
  • Specifications

LutiKey was not only well-designed as a sleek and stylish product, but also designed with materials that are resistant for daily use. Designed with materials such as PC (Polycarbonates) and Silicone, ensuring resistance for active individuals.

LutiKey Tracker
LutiKey Tracker
  • Weight: 9g
  • Size: 29mm x 51mm x 5.5mm
  • Color: Black and Grey
  • Sound: Loud Alarm 88dB (decibel)
  • Range: 230ft / 70m on open air (depending on conditions, obstacles may affect the range)
  • Battery Life: 1 Year Guaranteed
  • Battery Type: Replaceable coin-cell (CR2032)
  • Keyring and chain hole: Yes
  • Technology: Bluetooth LE
  • Waterproof: Yes – IP67
  • Compatibility: iOS 9 or newer and Android 6.0 or newer
  • Certifications: FCC, CE, RoHS

Note: As with all wireless technologies, different mobile phones and different environments impact the effective range of Bluetooth signals. If your LutiKey is out of Bluetooth range, you can check its last known location on the app. This information is automatically updated whenever anyone in the LutiKey community comes within Bluetooth range of your LutiKey.

key benefits

Touch to Ring

One touch to ring.

When pressing the option ‘Find My LutiKey’ on the mobile app, it will start to emit a sound that will help you find the object or person you’re looking for easier.

Separation Alert


If your LutiKey and phone linked to the account are not within reach of each other, your phone will emit a sound and visual alert, letting you know that you’ve forgotten your LutiKey.

Find your Phone


By pressing the button on the LutiKey, the phone that is linked with the device will start to emit a sound that will help find your phone and can be heard even if the phone is on silent mode.



You’ll be able to share your LutiKey information with family and friends. Informing them in times of need or when recovering a valuable object that has LutiKey attached to it.

Last Location


Lutikey always registers your items last location on a map that can be easily accessed through the app.

LutiKey - App
LutiKey - Benefits
History Tracking


The locations from the last 30 days of your LutiKey will be saved, this comes handy in case of an emergency or if lost by showing the path of where it was detected.

LutiKey - Benefits
LutiKey - Benefits
LutiKey - Benefits
LutiKey - Benefits
LutiKey - Benefits
LutiKey - Benefits
LutiKey Tracker


Quickly notify the people to whom you’ve shared your LutiKey with, that you are safe and send them your current location. 

LutiKey Tracker

Notification of arrival.

You’ll be able to store locations that are visited frequently and the people you have chosen to share your LutiKey with, will receive a notification letting them know you have arrived at your stored destination.

LutiKey Tracker

Who’s The Owner?

If you’ve misplaced your belonging that has a LutiKey on it, the person that finds it can access your contact information and return it promptly. 



By pressing the button on your LutiKey for 4 seconds, it’ll place you in direct contact with emergency services to send help in case of an emergency or assist until help arrives. Also, will notify the people to whom you’ve shared your LutiKey with that you need help.

LutiKey Tracker

Press the button for 3 seconds.

Create Groups

create Groups.

Conveniently keep tack of travel groups or your family by creating a group on the LutiKey app. This way, at any time, you are able to view the location and information of each Lutikey in one place. 

Medical ID

Medical ID.

LutiKey comes with a Medical ID which you can activate to add your medical information. Allowing for quick access when medical assistance is required. 

LutiKey App

available for all mobile devices

LutiKey App

*Some services might require subscription


Don’t fret if an item is lost! With the aid of the Lutikey community, users can help each other find their items. If a user is within range of your lost item, the LutiKey app detects it’s location and uploads it so that you can recover your item as fast as possible. 


Most frequent questions and answers.

Yes, Lutikey is compatible with any iPhone with iOs and Android.

Yes. Lutikey is waterproof. 

The Lutikey’s battery is guaranteed to last one full year.

Yes, the LutiKey battery is replaceable.

One Lutikey app can manage unlimited Lutikey devices at the same time.

Your information will be kept completely safe and anonymous and will always be protected. LutiKey does not share your information with anyone at any time. The only time someone can see your information is if you share your LutiKey with that person.

Yes. First, remove the Lutikey from your App while it is connected. Once the Lutikey App notices that it is no longer connected with your previous device, it may be transferred.

Lutikey works through Bluetooth connection. The location is reported to the phone through this connection. Once the connection is determined both the phone and the device will give a lost alert signal. Bluetooth has a high frequency band, which effectiveness for communication maybe limited by the environment. Multiple walls, solid objects, and other interferences may decrease the effectiveness of the Bluetooth signal. We have maximized the Lutikey range for personal item tracking within normal distance.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth must be enabled at all times so Lutikey can work properly. The device must enable Bluetooth connection in general, and the connection must be enabled for the Lutikey app.

LutiKey App enabled in the background: The App should not be terminated. When not using the app directly, the app should be moved into the background, but not ended or terminated. For iOS devices, background refresh must be enabled. Setting>Lutikey> background running enabled. The background setting can be changed during app installation.

Android devices vary from platform to platform. Please see instructions for your own device and look for the setting related to background program running. To make sure the setting enables Lutikey, search Lutikey App > application running environment testing

Installation permission grants: The permission to successfully run the Lutikey app will be requested at the installation page. The Lutikey app needs all of the requested permissions granted in order to run, failure to grant one of the requested permissions will lead to unsuccessful operation. 

Enable access to the current location: This setting is necessary for the tracking and location recording functions. When enabled, Lutikey will locate the item through the in App GPS map.

No. Lutikey will only enable the location traction function after the Bluetooth connection is lost, given that the Lutikey is out of the detection range. The effect on battery life is insignificant.

Once you have reported that your Lutikey is lost, the information will be distributed to the Lutikey cloud service. This information will then be passed safely to all connected devices that have joined the community. When another device in the community has detected the signal of the lost Lutikey, this information will be reported back to the cloud service and in turn to you.

We Have You Covered.

We securely store and protect your personal information.

LutiKey Tracker
LutiKey Tracker
LutiKey Tracker
LutiKey Tracker

pre-order offer.


We will start shipping in November 2019.

LutiKey Tracker

Accessories included

LutiKey Tracker

LutiKey Necklaces

We include two necklace in two different sizes, 26in and 30in.

LutiKey Tracker

LutiKey Cord

Designed to fit on a luggage, backpack, wallet or any object where you want to hang your LutiKey.

LutiKey Tracker

LutiKey Clasp

Ideal to be hooked on a key chain, use it together with your necklace or any other object you want to hook your LutiKey.

LutiKey Tracker

LutiKey Bag

Elegant bag to store your LutiKey or accessories.

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We have options for all needs.



  • - One Touch To Ring
  • - Find Your Phone
  • - LutiKey Community
  • - Separation Alert
  • - Last Location
  • - 30 Days History Tracking
  • - Share with one person


$ 2
99 Per Month
  • - Share Unlimited
  • - I’m OK
  • - 1 Free Battery Replacement per Year
  • - Create Group
  • - Help
  • - Notification of Arrival


$ 4
99 Per Month
  • - Who’s the Owner
  • - Medical ID

To activate any of the above subscriptions, please do so through our app.